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 Do you know the difference of the nutritional value of Iranian natural and aromatic tea?

The human body naturally secretes nicotine and enter the blood, causing the joy and happiness of the people but by the action and physical and mental fatigue, nicotine in the blood is decreased gradually and causes numbness and fatigue of individual. Most people compensate lack of nicotine with oxygen of cigarettes which has disadvantages and consequences of their own that is associated with such incurable diseases and avoid the unpleasant smell from the smoker for smoking and ...

People who are thinking about their health, are trying to provide nicotine of their bodies with natural ingredients of tea such as variety of vitamins found in fruits, grains and so on.

Iranian pure tea drinking with natural flavor and aroma, due to natural nicotine certainly compensate for the body need and brings the feeling of special joy and happiness for people.

Unfortunately, aromatic and foreign tea consumption has created significant changes in the taste of the Iranian people and the natural flavor and aroma of the original tea and without essential oils has become far of people’s mind and health of people has severely compromised because the essential oil, fragrance and color additives and causes the digestive system, kidney and urinary tract diseases and serious and irreparable damage in long-term.

Most of the people have not taste the actual taste of Iranian tea and because of tasting grade 2 and 3 tea and because they do not know the right way to cook Iranian tea, they had not a good experience of drinking it and reject it’s taste.

Iranians tea need to repeat drinking. The best example of this is about eating olives. Whose first experience of eating it is difficult to forget the bitterness easily but over this bitterness is sweet to his palate. As far as kids olive bitter taste in their palate sweet and they take it easily. Many people because of their health importance, do not remove bitter but useful things from their diet and strengthen their taste to ensure their health and wellness.

Perhaps at first drinking Iranian-organic tea does not fit the taste of people who have used aromatic tea, but because of ensuring the health of digestive system, now many people have become its strong and popular applicant.






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