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Ashiyangool Commercial Company has started its work in 1378, with management of Reza Ayoubi with registration number 26682 and Commercial names Narges and AGN.Co.

This company has widespread internal and international activities in the field of building material, food and agricultural machinery export. It has also two registered invention, temperature alarm machine with number 54817 and cultivator and other agricultural machinery.

This Company is member of agricultural machinery manufacturers association, Iran Chamber of commerce, industry and mines, Guild union agricultural machinery and Exclusive agent of Ideal Company (Pruning shears sprayers), Green technique (Branch crusher), Laverela (combine Italy).

AGN.Co commercial group is proud of presenting the best, the most complete and the most sincere consultation to customers, with the knowledge of the world in different fields by using internal and external exports.

Our slogan is high quality, reasonable and economical price and complete customer satisfaction from the beginning to the end of the project. This is not only a slogan but a performed goal.

According to important needs of you, our professional team is ready to advice, analysis and present logical and up to date solutions using the skills and specific experience in the field of export.

According to all represented information, we are proud to collaborate with other companies in Iran and all over the world in the field of export of mentioned items.



Goals and strategies

  • satisfaction and build loyalty in existing customers and potential customers
  • understanding the current needs and anticipate future needs of customers target market.
  • providing good quality products and a generalized pricing strategy
  •  providing a framework for cooperation with the global leader in import and export and bodies




Contact Us

fifth floor, Faraz building, HashtBehesht Gharbi Street, Isfahan, Iran

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Skype: ashiyangol

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